Thursday, 4 March 2010


My neighbour seems to be in pain. Intermittent and weakening wails can be heard through the wall. I hope he will become quiet soon. While I wait I have begun making a list of people who visit my blog by accident. Information is inconsistent but I have been able to ascertain the location and search criteria of visitors using search engines. The following is a selected list from the last month of those that were not looking for me. They are listed by place, server name if available, and the search made in inverted commas

Little Rock, Arkansas, dept of veteran affairs. "flashing in public"

Royal Tunbridge Wells, "bingo hall whitstable"

Slough, "Monika Bobinska"

Jakarta, Pearl Gardens Apartments, "My Vision of the future"

The Art Institute International, Pittsburgh, "blender blogspot"

Vienna, "shrinking man drawn to toilette"

Pearlfisher, London, "pearlfisher moving card"

Hamilton, Ontario, "devils coat"

Hammondsport, NewYork, "vampire whore"

Sydney, Australia, "Rachel Goodyear biography"

Kompachy, Slovakia, "interview with a vampire"

Brooklyn, NewYork, "mummified girl looks like she is sleeping"

Apo, Armed Forces Europ, United States
(No record of google search)

Gravesend, Kent, "Monika Bobinska"

Wolverhampton City Council, "Anneka French"

Ho Chi Min City, "college new students"

Location:My Lodgings, Ipswich

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