Tuesday, 16 March 2010


My Companion emailed Mr Bown this morning to confirm our intended filming appointment on Saturday. She was nervous as she explained that it is often at this last minute when the event is upon them that her victims scream and run. Happily Mr Bown seemed delighted and even offered us a Scampi supper, a special at the bingo hall this week. I have only to clean my tape heads and collect an extra camera and I will be all set. I am writing from a cafe in Felixstowe where five other correspondents are taking my attention this morning. Andrew Bracey & Dave Griffiths, Anneka French, Rob Smith, and Dr Daniel Hinchcliffe. I enclose my replies below.

"Hi you two
Indeed I am emailing from sunny felixstowe today. I think the first two weeks in august would be perfect for me. I don't think i am back at work until around the 26th but it's all quite flexible at that time of year anyway. The show looks exciting and I'm really happy about showing on both sites. I'm currently in discussion with a friend about arranging a live online broadcast during the residency which may or may not work. We shall see. The longer run is fine too though I have a solo down this end which I think will overlap so I will have to make sure I have enough tvs etc to go round. But as you say I think we will be able to pick loads up for next to nothing from charity shops etc. I'm ready for Lincoln I think though I discovered yesterday half my images don't show up on a pc. Good job I checked. AJ's tatooing equipment sounds terrifying. Has he read Kafka's 'the penal colony'???? I hope not.
See you soon

Alex "

"Hi Anneka

I will certainly write something, when is the deadline?

I've attached the highest res image I have, hope it's ok, I haven't got the original back yet so I can't re photograph it in time. Please use it if you want.

I'll be perfectly happy to post it to you, the most it will need is a bit of re-bending when it arrives. I will write instructions for this eventuality.

All the best


"Hi Rob
I shall get out on my bike and find a field with 3g. In that sense Manchester might be easier depending how far you are willing to stretch the definition of 'a field'. But that is another thing. What I have been thinking about recently (entirely in the back of my mind and without any concrete planning) is making some work in the vein of the early rocket tests for space exploration. I thought about documenting my efforts to fire a camera into the air and get some short lived live footage from the rocket itself. It's all going to be entirely homemade so it probably won't work. Do think this would fit in? Is it a problem if your dongle explodes?
I'm busy this Thursday but after that I think I'm pretty free.

All the best


"Hi Dan
How are you and everyone? Time has flown by, I only realised last week that the show must be over. How did it go? Did the rowing team destroy it with a drunken conga? I was wondering what your thoughts were about me getting the work back? I have been asked to show one of the works (which I left in the packaging) in Lincoln in April. Do you think you could parcel it up and post it to me. I'm not at all worried about the sculptures getting broken. Or would you rather I came up on the train?
All the best

-- posted abroad

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