Sunday, 21 March 2010

Whitstable part 7

At 3 o'clock I received a text from Sue Jones. She had driven up from Ramsgate and arranged to meet us in a local café in thirty minutes. I packed my bags hurriedly bid farewell to Mr Bown (to whom I am extremely grateful). He thanked the crowd who graciously gave us a warm round of applause. Smiling we hurried out and into to the main part of town. Whitstable, like many seaside towns has a long main street with many cafés, and a strange mixture of smart arty shops and co-ops (or similar). It was not before we were ensconced in the correct one trying to explain to Sue that I had in fact made seven films. I went on to explain (with the help of some very useful diagrams made by my lovely companion) that the films were only loosely connected by the narrative of this diary and so disparate, unformed and slight that they would need to be shown in at least three different locations. Sue for her part took the news well, though she did explain that it was becoming increasingly hard to find venues for the Biennale. After taking tea Sue and I took in a whistle stop tour of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in Whitstable. At the end I nervously asked if she had ever not been able to find a suitable location. "oh no" she said.

The next day walking back to the station we spotted a Masonic lodge. My companion, having many occult connections, offered to write asking for a room within.

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