Monday, 22 February 2010

Further Sideburn Anxiety

Whilst in London we visited Dennis Severs' house a place I will not attempt to describe. It is perhaps too obvious say that it is a vampire house but it did raise questions in my mind about how I should proceed with my sideburns. It seems I should choose from four options. Firstly I could preserve them in their current bushy state at this moment of indecision. Secondly allow them to keep growing until the biennale opens by which time I estimate they will stick out a good two inches. Thirdly I could trim them back to a more accurate facsimile of Mr Cushing's in "The Bride's of Dracula" (or any other of his van Helsing roles). Or fourthly shave them off entirely and display them under glass.

My companion has made this artist's impression. The horrifying truth is recorded below.

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  1. My sister took me to Dennis Sever's House last year, it's pretty cool. I liked the cat.