Saturday, 6 February 2010

Letter recieved regarding sideburns and performance art

Hi Alex,

I was just watching a really bad vampire film called Vlad on Zone Horror, but I've turned it off now, supposedly in favour of sleep.
Been enjoying your blog, though sorry to hear you're not well, hope you feel better soon! I've finally started making myself keep one, in the hope it will better enable me to string a sentence together when people ask me what I've been working on... thought my latest entry might appeal to your dislike of performance art:
While I tried to be suitably diplomatic in my blog about it, I actually found myself reminded of why I hate art sometimes! There was plenty of very dislikeable performance art there, including one extremely cringey piece involving a naked man psychoanalysing himself in a mirror. There was some stuff that was ok, but it was generally not the happiest occasion for me!
There is at least one other performance art thing i've agreed to take part in coming up, but that should be more fun. I hope so anyway!

Oh, I was also going to tell you, I went to a birthday party where it was obligatory to wear sideburns, as the host's impressive sideburns are his trademark. Mine were made of card and stuck on.

Take care,

Sonya x

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