Tuesday, 6 October 2009

No stranger to discomfort I have agreed to another appearance talking in front of an audience. Again it will be in Cardiff and I am beginning to think the city may harbour some sort of deep seated grudge against me. This time I will be speaking about blogging and social networking at "May you Live in Interesting Times". In addition to this the spectre of my 'in conversation' in Bath looms. On the 4th of November I am to present myself to a surly audience of academics (I imagine) my only hope is that JJ Charlesworth will protect me. I imagine him as man who knows what he is talking about better than any one else; a philosopher and a metaphysician, and one of the most advanced theorists of his day. He has, I hope, an absolutely open mind. This, with his iron nerve, temper of the ice-brook, and indomitable resolution and self-command should make the evening bearable. I think the show itself is ready although things keep coming to mind and slipping away before I can grasp them. Most importantly I promised to make a large tracing on one of the walls, I must attempt at least one practice session before November.

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