Thursday, 15 October 2009

I write as I am awaiting delivery of 25 "Black Flag Game", compendia intended for my show in Bath. The work is nearly complete and packed in my large traveling trunk. My only remaining issue is whether to rerecord the sound on one piece and how to chain two telescopes to the walls of the gallery. I have been warned repeatedly that the intelligentsia of Bath are not to be trusted and will carry off anything that is not nailed down. As I wait I am reviewing some of my correspondence particularly rejection letters.

Commissions East recently invited me to apply for a residency at the HMS Ganges museum in Shotley, I was informed that I was part of a selected long-list and so I replied forthwith with a small packet of goods including a DVD, C.V., etc. It was a bit of a rush as the deadline was tight but buoyed with hopeful confidence; I had gone some way towards spending the £17500 budget (in my head).

Dear Alex

Please find attached a letter regarding the shortlisting for the HMS Ganges Museum residency. Unfortunately on this occasion you were not selected by the panel.

Any materials submitted will be returned to you shortly along with a hard copy of the letter for your files.

I hope another opportunity will come up for us to work together in the future.

With best wishes


I feel that telling me I have failed in an email, attaching a letter telling me I have failed and posting me another letter telling me I have failed is a little like being repeatedly pummelled by a wet pillow.

Nevertheless I am not downhearted though I was looking forward to recreating John Noakes' failed attempt to reach the 'button' on the top of HMS Ganges' infamous mast.

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