Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My companion has taken to sleep walking, this morning her feet were covered in a fine grey dust.

Emails received 06/10/09

Hi Alex
did we decide on arrangements for when you will be here during installation and will you need accommodation on campus then or on the night of the preview? Normally for the in-discussion the artist and other person tend to meet up around lunchtime in order to look at the work and have a chat.

Hi Dan
No you are right, we didn't decide on dates. I've left from 25th-31st
October completely free, are any of those days ok? I would be happy to stay over also to get it done. For the opening and discussion, I would like to travel up early on the day and stay overnight. I am right that it is
Wednesday 4th November? My girlfriend has expressed a mild interest in joining me would there be room on campus for us both?
I have another telescope now, hooray for eBay.
All the best

Hi Alex
Why don't you stay over for two nights (28th and 29th October)?
Is there anything we can do ahead of time?
What screen ratio for the films 16:9 or 4:3?
Charles the technician will be there for you.
He could also finish bits off on the following Monday and Tuesday.
The talk is indeed on Wednesday 4th November.
I'll try to get a double room arranged for you and your girlfriend.
It would be good if you and JJ could meet up around lunchtime to spend the afternoon looking at your work.
I'll ask him what time he's thinking of arriving.
Best wishes

Hi Dan and CharlesThat's great I'll stay those two nights. The films are 4:3 except Cyclorama on the bigger tv which will be 16:9 but with a black border. I'll need a projector to use for the tracing. I think apart from that we should be ok. Oh and stepladders for the high pieces. I can get a train that gets in for just after midday so there should be time for JJ and me to get together.See you soon ishAlex
My correspondence needs to be wittier

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