Thursday, 1 October 2009

It has been a week since my last post. Tonight I head for London again to witness a screening of films in the car park of Cell Project Space. The opening last week was an interesting event with quite a healthy turnout. I met Milika who recalled seeing (and liking) a dvd of my work a couple of years ago. She commented that it was one of those things that ends up at the bottom of a pile. I thought at the time that although most of the information I send to galleries must end up as foundation material for more important paperwork that it must, in some small way, impinge on the consciousness of the gallerist. Perhaps I should correspond more often. I have received many other communications of late. Emails have been arriving from Basel, Bath and Bedford and I have been spending much time answering and sending packages by return post. Apart from such business work I have had time for little else though I have started plans for a new Space film using several litres of cooking oil and a few charity shop purchases.

Last week the highlight of the private view occurred when my companion was invited to 'swing' with one of the visitors. She declined to travel down with me today.

I have still not summoned the courage to go to Bingo, instead I have been happy spotting bingo scenes in cinematic history, this one is from "Get Carter"

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