Monday, 17 August 2009

Whilst holidaying in Cornwall, between large meals and some desultory swimming, I set about organising my affairs. We had planned a sort of Hammer Horror tour; apparently a Zombie film had been made in one of the local quarries. But apart from an overwhelming feeling of death at Mousehole and an extremely bizarre dog show there were no signs of the living dead anywhere. I soon became distracted by other things, mainly trying not to make a noise while going to the toilet. Normally this is not a huge problem but the B&B where we stayed had little soundproofing and our toilet was directly above the breakfast table.

I have been “organising my affairs” largely by making lists and then remaking them adding new things each time, it is an endless task as more items are added before the list is ever cleared.

Transcribed from notebook (16/08/09)
Edit films for The Great Central – make three? Triptych?
Do drawings + invoice
Choose film for Cell outside screening, automatic??? Stars???
Bath Show, do plan, DO PLAN, edit writing, new film?? “in conversation” – look up JJ
Cardiff in conversation look up Plowman? Talk about what??
Write blog
Invoice Leicester
Invoice Bedford
Ideas for Whitstable??
Instructing assistant to fly planes, sing, do magic
Pebbles film - ? made - any good?
Pepper’s ghost
The Bingo Caller
Display locations – seaside telescope (ebay?) – pub?, Theatre? Need another visit?

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