Thursday, 27 August 2009

Café Artistique

The dreaded moment of my first conversation approaches. It was not without trepidation that I made some tentative posts on the Axis website today in response to topics given to me. Mr Plowman has yet to respond and he remains a shadowy figure. I reproduce the subject of our conversation here in the hope that repetition may make the fear lessen.

‘Today, artists complain that they have no practical impact on society, that their projects fail, that they cannot change the world. But, fundamentally, every work is senseless and every project fails…Art is a wonderful place where you can reflect on the failure of utopia – repeating time and again, it is something that is almost impossible outside of art.’

Boris Groys, Tate Etc. Summer ‘09

• It is commonly said that you learn more from your failures than successes, so does making work that celebrates our limitations and frustrations teach us something about ourselves?

• At what point do ‘interventions’ become so discreet that they barely engage with the audience at all?

• How much does art rely on interaction with an audience?

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