Monday, 31 August 2009

I have a book on vampires in my toilet. although not usually a great fan of research I am finding it interesting to dip in and out of. Apparently in Greece, in order to keep vampires at bay, the local people will sprinkle mustard seed on their roof. The efficacy of the seed is not due to its chemical composition or religious significance but rather it is expected that the vampire will pause to count the seed and thus be exposed on the roof when the sun rises. Vampire as Autist? it seems strange. Coincidently I was introduced to an online test for autism the other day by friends who where proud to have scored highly. I was more than a little disappointed to only achieve 22 which ranked me alongside male and female computer scientists. My companion (a 9) and I watched Dracula: Prince of Darkness, the sequel to the previous Dracula film in which Christopher Lee was turned to dust by Peter Cushing. In this version The Count was soon romping around after his ashes had been mixed with copious amounts of frothy pink blood. The film itself was all tension and build up but ended suddenly with a ridiculous chase and Dracula was easily dispatched. He ended up drowning in the frozen waters surrounding his castle. No doubt he will be defrosted soon.

The Bingo caller from Whitstable keeps resurfacing in my mind he is an almost hypnotic presence, I will have to return soon to see if he is still there.

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