Monday, 24 August 2009

Lucy Harrison hello Alex, seems we're both showing in Bath at the same time- I went last week and your project sounds great! Maybe see you there some time. Lucy

Alex Pearl Hi Lucy that would be lovely, that reminds me I have to finish a few things off... Do our shows open on the same night? Do you have to be "in conversation" with someone? or was I the only idiot that said yes?

Lucy Harrison Mine opens before yours, on Oct 14th which is slightly worrying as you seem much more sorted than me! yes I am in conversation with David Pinder. Yours with JJ should be good too, do you know him? Lucy

Prompted by Lucy's Facebook wall posts, I have finally finished a rough version of my show for Bath on "Sketch Up" and sent it by ftp to Bath. My experience with the free software has made me think more carefully about the description New Media Artist. If it means someone who can lose whole files with a click of a button, turn buiildings inside out, is proud when he is finally able to spend an hour at the computer without screaming "oh you bloody bastard bugger" or something similar - then I am a New Media Artist.

Lucy's message cheered me a little, though I think her idea that I was more sorted was a little misplaced. She seems keen on the idea of conversation, a concept I still have trouble grasping.

I am spending a lot of time in graveyards at the moment, my companion seems drawn to them. We sat in the shade and I practiced talking about things.

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