Saturday, 5 June 2010

Yours Testily

Hi Alex,

I'm afraid the designers still aren't happy with this size, they really need something to the spec below. Do you think it is possible to get this to us as soon as you can? Our deadline for getting all the images together is this weekend - apologies for the urgency.


I am exhausted. Lethargy holds me gently on the sofa I only attempt to break her grasp when I can hold on to my bowels no longer. The illness which beset both myself and my dear companion last night lingers, a deadly sweat was upon us all last night. We both feel drained and listless. The above email found me in poor humour this morning. The image I had sent was admittedly only a mere 72dpi but was nearly a metre wide which I thought would do. Stubbornly I resized it to A6 at a higher dpi and testily sent it back with a message suggesting that any graphic designer worth his or her salt could do this for themselves. I fully expect it to be printed upside down with a secret message stating my resemblance to the rear end of a horse. This would not upset me but I do hope I did not upset Miss Phillimore.

This is a drawing of Keats on his death bed by Joseph Severn.


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