Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Almost too tired to attend to this writing. A day helping students set up their first show has drained the vigour from my body. Mistress Lock is sending repeated messages urging me to take tomorrow off. In truth her urgings are more like threats and conjure in my mind age old fears both pleasurable and perturbing! I HAD intended to only put in a morning's work but now feel that this will draw down such approbation on my head as to make it unbearable.

This mundaniety aside we travel to Antwerp in the afternoon to visit My companion's dear friends Mrs Hebson and Mr Becker. They are part way through a residency in the city and have invited us to visit. Their lifestyle is an itinerant one, they seem to me to spend no longer than three months in any one location. It is an existence I would find intolerable but is, I believe, necessary if one wishes to be an artist and to avoid teaching. We are looking forward to the visit though I am a little nervous of a train that travels under the sea.

-- posted abroad

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