Friday, 9 April 2010


My reaquaintance with television has revealed a sort of vampire saturation point. So far this week I have seen Reruns of "Buffy", "Vampire Diaries", "True Blood", "Blade the series", a Sherlock Holmes called "The Last Vampyre" films including: "Cirque de Freak", "The Lost Boys", "Slayer", "Vampire Journals" it is all too too much. Many of the current vampire tales seem hell bent on integration an interesting development but one which might neuter the myth forever.

Yesterday I received my contract for the biennale containing promises of a healthy remuneration. It may seem remarkably unprofessional but I had been working blind. Too embarrassed to ask if, or how much, I might be paid I had resolved just to blunder forward making things and writing this blog until my time ran out. Now I know the exact figure it has engendered in me the usual feelings of fear and inadequacy.

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