Tuesday, 27 April 2010

An empty room

Talking to Sue Jones on the telephone made me realise just how empty my new living room is. The echo is hard and dead. My companion and I have taken measures to rectify this but the longed for soft furnishings are yet to arrive. A rug awaits collection from a depot somewhere in Claydon and Ikea have not replied since I sent certain information regarding delivery. Surely they are not preturbed by the lack of nearby parking, narrow entrance and two flights of stairs? Sue had exciting news, the Royal British Legion have confirmed their willingness to host 'Call' and it looks like 'Ghosts' which I wish I had called 'Phantoms' is to appropriately appear only at night back projected. She also informed me that Jack Hutchinson from AN had been in touch and wishes to feature my work in the June issue. Only a sofa and a rug could make my life more complete.

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