Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My companion and I went to recce our local bingo hall last night. It was a beautiful place full of light, sound and movement. Well not much movement beyond the regular pumping of pens on card. Although the two rather individual men on the entrance assured us that it was a quiet night, serried rows of women moved to the numbers called by a bored male voice. Not brave enough for immediate initiation we left clutching forms to be filled in later. Outside, in a cage we saw a group of smoking women stamping their cards as a disembodied voice called out: "pink forty two, blue twenty....". Upon returning to my lodgings we decided to watch the next Vampire film in my collection, a beautifully dark concoction called 'Drink the Blood of Dracula' It started oddly with Roy Kinear witnessing Dracula's death in a previous outing went on to be quite racey and ended strangely as Christopher Lee succumbed to a surfeit of religious imagery. Tomorrow I travel to Cardiff, I am hoping things will progress in a similar manner.

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