Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I am looking forward to the opening of “Trying to Cope with Things that aren’t Human” at Cell Project Space on Friday. Not least because it is one of those galleries that I have tried to visit of many occasions but, largely due to my own failings, have only managed to get into once. That was a marvellous show by David Blandy, absolutely crammed with stuff. I may be arriving at the private view at a run as a last minute change has meant that, as I write, I am burning a new dvd for the show. This and some over vigorous socialising has meant that I have not as yet managed to go to bingo but I feel it will not be long now. I have ordered yet another vampire film “The Brides of Dracula”. Apparently it heralds the return of Peter Cushing the progenitor of my recent obsessions. It should arrive with the early post tomorrow.

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