Thursday, 17 September 2009

My Beloved has continued to send me information about blood suckers, here is part of the latest

"Mosquitoes are also attracted to contrasts, a fact that lies behind one theory that they are attracted more to platinum blondes and redheads who are, it's proposed, more likely to stand out in a crowd. A variety of other research has suggested that ovulating women, people with smelly feet and those who have garlic on their breath are also preferred targets"

On the 24th we shall be heading to London for the opening of "Trying to Cope with Things that Aren't Human" at Cell Project Space. I am completely failing to make any work and am in constant dread that someone will ask me that standard private view question: "What are you working on at the moment" I have recently promised to make some drawings for more than one person but so far all I have managed is to collect a lovely gold pen and propelling pencil from my father and place them within a glorious red pencil case (a present) They remind me of Dracula's ring, blood and cape from "Drink the Blood of Dracula".

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