Saturday, 22 May 2010


My companion and I dined at The Museum Street Café a delightful little eaterie serving fine vegetarian fayre to the Guardian reading Buddhists of Ipswich. We have never been disappointed by the welcome or the lavish dishes served up by it proprietors Mark and Nell. We were especially looking forward to a bloodless meal as my companion has, of late, experienced a number of rather hematic dreams. The latest involved a colony of large blood sucking toads which sank their fangs into her décolletage. Perversely we opted for the richly Catholic mushroom and red wine cobbler and chatted to Mark about the reopening of the local cinema. He seemed in very good humour although he had apparently cut himself shaving and was sporting a small plaster on his neck.

My companion recently sent me this painting by Boucher, it has always been a favourite.

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  1. Mmmm... a plaster on his neck & the 'excuse' that he cut himself shaving!!??
    Perhaps it was a bite from a blood sucking toad!!

    I must try that restaurant... the mushroom & red wine cobbler sounds delicious!!