Thursday, 13 May 2010

Launch 5: a thin trail of smoke

This afternoon's rather unspectacular broadcast from a field somewhere along the coast may have not seemed very interesting but it marks an important step forward. Today I have proved I can build a rocket powerful enough to carry a small camera some way into the sky. By "build" I mean modify as my new collection of rockets are in fact merely customised fireworks. Once removed of it's explosive payload and despite carrying a camera module and a new jacket the rocket flew tolerably well. The broadcast also went well I think though I yet again forgot my phone and was unable to warn Rob or Rebecca of my impending launch. I can only blame my Forgetfulness on the terrible headache (brought on, I think, by my stiff neck) that has beset me all day.

Tonight at long last my dearly missed companion returns from her trip to Paris I fervently hope she has about her person (as she so often does) some form of remedy, a compress or other medicaments that may ease my suffering.

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