Thursday, 28 January 2010


I am reading Christopher Frayling's "Vampyres" it has temporarily replaced the biography of Laurel and Hardy as I felt I was becoming sidetracked. Frayling's book, though far more erudite and reasoned, follows remarkably closely the work of Basil Copper, whose book now resides in a dark corner of my lavatory. I am particularly taken with the idea of the vampire as 'other' and the use of it's relationship with humanity as a political metaphor by Rousseau and Marx. I must admit to feeling a little foolish at not realising that Zizek's reference to vampires (in a post entitled "Kill Them All") was probably meant to recall this. It has made me even more excited about filming Mr Bown "calling" but also more worried about how I might shoot the film. Time marches forward and I must decide soon. We (my companion that is) have firmed up a date with Mr Bown and I have booked rooms for us at the Continental Hotel. We are to film on a quiet afternoon session in March.

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