Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A number of photographs have come into my possession recently. They seem pertinent to the unfolding of this narrative so I have published them here with brief explanatory texts.

I reported some time ago that my companion underwent blood tests to investigate her propensity for fainting fits. This is the dressing used to cover her wound.

This photograph of her preparing to scan a long eared bat illustrates her fascination with the collection of deceased animals.

These are the Crayola Girls mentioned in my post from Bath.

I have been watching a number of vampire films. This one, ‘Vampyr’ featured fascinating shadows cast by invisible creatures. In his book (residing in my lavatory) Basil Cropper praises the film but does note that, of course, vampires cast no shadow.

Finally this is the street in Chelsea that seems to appear in ‘Dracula AD 1972’. I stayed in the basement of one of these houses with my companion whose initials are AD.

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